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Hi everyone! Welcome to puppy-pets.com. We are passionate about pets, as of now we are working on getting the best clothes for your pet, making them look like real stars.

I know we all want to make our pets to look fashionable in front of others, so we want to help you out by choosing the best outfit for them. Although we have a variation of clothes and accessories, we are confident that we can get the best options for your pet here at puppy-pets!.

Rooting for our pets it’s within our nature, therefore we strive to provide you with the best advice regarding Clothes, Accessories, Apparel, and supplies for your loved ones. You can ask us any questions at any time, we will happily answer

MY STORYPet in Clothes

I have a little dog breed Chihuahua, his name is Bolt, I really enjoy looking for clothes for him. In the beginning, he didn’t really like it when I put clothes on him, he was happy without clothes, then, once you put something on him, he was crying and making noise.

He doesn’t have a lot of hair, and my apartment is really cold, so he was trembling at night. I thought, he was trembling because he was hungry or he wanted to go outside. However, I realized he felt cold as he was making his own bed under my blankets.

At that time, I got a little jacket for him, I thought he was going to cry or making noise again. However, when he was wearing the jacket, he was running around the apartment without crying, then I figured out the clothes I have chosen at the begging for him wasn’t what he wanted.

Pets are like us, if they don’t like something, they will let you know.


Pets become family. When you first get your pet, you don’t really think you will get a great friend forever. They can become anything you want, like a friend, a brother, your son/daughter an important member of your family.

Pets are not only something to touch or feed, but you can also talk to them, play with them, hang out with them, but they are also that unconditioned friend that won’t say no to any plan you have in mind. In fact, when we have a special place to go, where you have to dress a nice outfit, you would like to bring your pet and make them look like you.

We really like to help abandonment pets, we don’t want to see our pet living on the same situation, as some ones we see walking the streets throughout the day, looking for food or water and be treated. We try to help some pets we see on the streets by bringing them some food and water.


Our main purpose is to fill you out with all the information regarding the best clothes for your pet, so you can choose between a variety of accessories, clothes and shoes that better make your adorable pet!

All the best,

Andres and Angel
Founders of puppy-pets.com

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