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How to take care of a cat

Cats are important to us. That is why I want to share the best tips on how to take care of a cat, for those people that are thinking on getting one or those who have recently gotten one and need some tips. We have previously talked about cats behaviors, however, that was just a brief introduction about cats. As you know, cats are a big world that needs to be understood.

Before we get into the topic, I’d like to tell you that cats are totally independent pets that don’t need much attention. They just need to get used to your house and you should also get some places where your cat can entertain itself, like a gym center or a place to scratch.

However, keep in mind that cats are a challenge as their behavior may vary depending on the breed. The tips that I’m going to share will improve your cat experience at home. Besides that, you won’t have any problems with your cat behavior because you will be educating your cat with some of my tips as well.

Let’s move on and talk about cats.

Tips to take care of your cat.

How to take care of a cat

The first tip is related to grooming. Most cats are furry pets, which in my case, my cat leaves a lot of hair all around the house. That is something that can be annoying if you have visitors, in case they sit on the sofa or on your bed, they will have fur all around their pants and that may be uncomfortable. Based on that, you can get grooming gloves, it can help you remove the loose fur that your cat has. Therefore, you won’t have that fur problem around the house anymore.

You can also get a furminator tool, which can end the job that you did with the grooming gloves. The furminator will remove the extra loose fur that can remain after you comb your cat with the grooming gloves. You should do this process once per day or once every other day, so you can reduce the amount of excess fur on your cat.

That will be all about the first tip.

Let’s focus now on the second tip. This one is related to scratching places. Cats like to scratch things. It is a common behavior on them. That said, we don’t want a cat to scratch our sofa, beds or even walls at home. That is the main reason you should get a scratching post for your cat, it will prevent your cat to damage your house and it can improve your cat experience at home as well. So, don’t hesitate on getting a scratch post, scratch is a behavior that can’t be removed from cats and it is also a healthy behavior.

The third tip is related to litter boxes. You should encourage your cat to use a litter box, otherwise, he will be messing up your house with bad smells. It is important to have a litter box as cats like their texture. In this case, you should place the litter box in a quiet place, cats don’t like to be bothered while they are in their litter box. Under other conditions, your cat will stop using the litter box, so make sure your cat litter box is in a comfortable place for him.

Keep in mind to clean your cat box weekly and also replace the litter once you clean the box.

In case you have two cats, it is better to provide them with an individual litter box. Some cats are more dominating than others. Based on that, if you have only one litter box, the dominating cat will intimate the less dominating cat, which will make the less dominating cat find a different place around the house to do his needs.

In addition, cats like better a large box. They will feel more comfortable on a large litter box instead of a small one as they will have more space. Another thing, don’t change the litter box so often, cats don’t like sudden changes so keep the same litter box. In case you want to change the litter box, make sure it is from the same brand as the first one, so your cat won’t see the difference.

Tip number four will be about food. The importance of good food will bring a healthy life to your cat. Keep in mind that you should get quality food. Cheaper food can’t provide the nutrition you can get from a quality product. That said, cats prefer to eat small meals during the day, however, don’t fatten up your cat, obesity can develop many health issues.

Based on that, you should exercise your cat. It will keep your cat balance and you can avoid any health issues related to obesity.

Last but not least, schedule a visit with your vet yearly. It can keep a track on your cat health and you can be sure that your cat is safe and happy.

Should I give attention to my cat?How to take care of a cat

Cats are not like dogs; they are totally independent pets. However, you need to get enough toys to cover their entertainment needs. You should give your cat one or two hours a day, this will help your cat to exercise and have play time with you.

Even if cats are independent, you need to make sure he is feeling comfortable with food, litter box, and water places. Otherwise, your cat can develop health issues related to nutrition and dehydrated. In order to avoid this, just keep quality food in his bowl as well as some extra water bowls around the house.

As a quick tip, never interrupt your cat while he is having his meal, or else, your cat will stop eating from that bowl and you may have to get a new one.

Cats need attention for sure. Nonetheless, the attention cats required is more related with things you have to get for your cat, so they can entertain themselves even if you are not around, which will turn out in a happy and healthy pet.

How expensive can be a cat?

How to take care of a cat

It actually depends on the breed, the size, and other things. However, vaccinations will be the most expensive part of taking care of a cat. It can cost you around $500 when you have a kitten. Other expenses are related to food, toys and litter boxes. Those expenses mostly depend on what you want to get for your cat. Therefore, you can check on your cat behaviors what he needs, and based on that you can start buying gym centers and scratching posts.

My recommendation for you, don’t buy anything until you understand what your cat likes. The best thing you can do is to ask a vet about your cat breed. He will provide you with the best food and things you can get for your car. This can help you save money, as you won’t buy things your cat doesn’t like or won’t use.

That said, the basis for cats is a litter box, a grooming glove, quality food, bowls with water, some toys and a gym center. The ones mentioned will be my picks for your cat, you can find more things your cat may need along the way.

Based on that, the basic expenses can be around $1000 yearly. It can be a little bit more depending on what you want to get for your cat. But, if you have a cat and want to understand more about them, you can refer to our article about cats behaviors.


How to take care of a cat

Cats, just like us, need to feed, drink water and play sometimes. They don’t need much attention, however, you should fit your cat needs all the time. They just need a couple of things to be happy and healthy. So just keep enough food, water, and toys for your cat, it will make them happy.

Also, comb your cat fur once or twice a day. It will prevent the loose fur to go all around your house, and it will keep your cat skin in a good shape.

I like cats, they are lovely pets that don’t need much attention. Just give them a couple of minutes daily, and you will see that your cat will grow happy and healthy.

In addition, don’t waste money on things your cat most probably won’t use. I have seen people buying food, bowls, and toys that are expensive and cats don’t like. You can focus on my recommendation in order to get what’s needed. You can click the link below to get more information about the food that you should give to your cat.

Click here for foods you cat can eat.

Click here for food you should not give to your cat.

That will be all my recommendations for you. I hope you enjoy the article and learned more about cats.

If you have any questions about the topic or if you would like to add something, you can leave a comment below this article.


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