My Perfect Pet – Choosing Between Dogs and Cats

My perfect pet

Have you ever asked yourself, which would it be my perfect pet? Well, here you will find some information that might help with your decision.

Dogs and cats have been separated by that enmity for over a thousand years. They both have different costumes as their way to get to know the world. Dogs tend to be more gregarious as wolfs are. Cats are independent, may not like cuddles and hugs.

It is very clear that both are very different animals, they are not exactly as oil and water and their way to behave was developed itself to adapt to a different environment. However, these visible differences can be interpreted as subtle differences in their character and their owner’s ideology.

Cat’s friends are more introverted, which means that the relationship between humans and cats is more domestic. The responsibility to take care of one of these animals does not mean that you need to go out every single day while dominant people tend to like dogs because of the more predictable and sensible to a system of penalties and rewards.

The relationship between dogs or cats with their owners could be determined by the owner’s personality and lifestyle. Research realized in 2014, based on surveys made to at least 200.000 people, directed by Denise Guastello a physiology teacher at Carroll University showed that humor sense, education level and social habits where determinant to notice what kind of character distinguished dog owners from cat owners.

Researches have shown that humans choose as a companion animal the one with more physical and psychologic similarities with them. A study from Sahiko Nakajima a Japanese psychologist from Kwansei Gakuin University showed that human being tends to choose things that are similar to themselves.

As a result of coexisting all the time with their owners, animals finally adopt their rhythm and behavior. To be honest the idea will be to learn from animals as they are more generous and staunch but the truth is that they get all that qualities from the owner so the effect we have over our environment includes our dog or cat. Dogs may learn gestures and postures, therefore, their owner can communicate with them. They learn it by association, routines, etc.

Owning a pet means a lot of things, one of those is our general well being, we are less likely to suffer from depression, anxiety stress and have lot more chances to survive to a heart attack, very good news right? well, for us and our pets to become so fashionable it is very important to make the right decision. Both dogs and cats have different needs and characteristics so count on available space, time, activity levels, whether you have kids or not.

Getting to choose a dog or cat may be so hard, cats can be a little more independent than dogs while dogs have more attention requirements. It just depends on if you want to cuddle with your pet a dog will the best idea for a companion as cats might don’t give a chance to.

Despite the differences in personalities, cats and dogs are full of unconditional and hairy love, they all have benefits for us, there is a lot of people who’d love a cuddle from a furry friend after a busy day


My perfect pet

If it is the first time that you are getting a dog or cat, the best thing will be crossbreed or pedigree. There is an advantage when choosing a pedigree friend due to their energy levels, size, weight, and character are already given to the race itself so you will be able to identify a disease or common pains.

On the other hand, we have crossbreed dogs or cats, they come from non-pedigree parents, but surprisingly they healthier, as there is less probability for them to get genetic problems.

It might be easier to identify the different breeds for dogs but cats have also tons of them. You need to learn about it, not only because you will know their size and personality but also because of their health care. I have also checked information related to this at helpucover.


My perfect pet

The most suitable decision is to take care of our fashionable pets and for that reason, they will need to have the right feeding procedure, it means that pups need to be with mom for about 30 days to three months to get enough breastmilk and count with their sibling’s companionship. So, for them to get to know the new environment and new family, it is very important to follow the proper ages so it won’t be a hard task for you to teach your pet how to behave at home.

Keep in mind that you can choose any age you want, however, make sure your pub had had enough time with his mom before getting a new environment for him. That said, once you get the put ready for a new environment, you should teach them how to behave at home and what are the rules.

To conclude, it requires patience and time, but it will be worth in the future as you will get a happy and healthy pet at home. Also, a new fluffy friend cannot be younger than 45 days when getting it.


My perfect pet

Females are usually more gentle, affectionate and a very good thing is that they are not used to be on the pad as males because they don’t feel that necessity. Zeal is another thing that female owners will need to deal with, as they will moan terribly, no chance to get involved with males and so.

Males are more independent, tend to be more on the pad and some of them love to mark territory. Their issues that we just mentioned can be solved easily in any of the cases by sterilization.

There are a few items you need to be aware of when getting a new friend. Having help from a vet makes this work a bit easier otherwise it will be necessary to watch the next health facts.

· Awake, attentive and interested in what is happening around.

· Clean teeth

· Ears clean and with no discharge

· Smooth hair and no dandruff

· Open eyes and clean

· General well being

If you are an energetic person who likes keeping active and busy you can go for a dog they need a lot of activity, regular walks, stimulation, and fresh air. They require some space so will be great if you have a garden at home, live in rural areas or are located very close to parks and green areas, and because they are not naturally lonely should not be left at home very long time lapses, when well trained dogs can be taken to trips and to enjoy days out, and remember that you will need some extra time to groom and train them.

When there is not plenty of space outside, and limited space indoor the best companion for you might be a cat, they don’t really need much space as dogs, even without access to the outside can be content as long as they have been fed with the right diet and having access to a litterbox and toys.

You can be better suited by a cat as they are relatively calm and quiet, don’t mind to be left at home it is better so they can get more sleep. Cats don’t need walks because they are less active and don’t enjoy social interaction.

Regular grooming will be necessary and even more important if you own a long- hair cat. They don’t show that unlimited energy that dogs do as they are more self-sufficient what makes them very relaxing, and entertaining pets.


what are the benefits of having a dog

You should be full of information before getting a pet. You would want to have a pet that will fit your needs and make you feel safe at home.

We all know that there are many breeds, weights, and sizes of pets, however, with the right training and behaviors, you can get a pet that will be helpful at home instead to be a problem for your family.

I hope with these little tips you have cleared your mind about when to get a pet and which one is better for you.

If you want to get a little more information about the right pet for you, you can check our article about dogs and cats posted on this page.

If you have any questions or would like to add something on this post, you can leave a comment below so we can discuss the topic.


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