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Nexgard review

Product: Nexgard

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I want to be clear in this Nexgard review for fleas and ticks’ treatment. This is one of the greatest products you can find for flea treatment. I have been using this product for so long and it is one of the better ones I can recommend to you.

We have previously written a post about tips for healthy dogs where we talked a bit about flea treatment and some products that are good for your dog.

However, after I tried a couple of them I decided to write a review about this product that will work and make sure your dog will get rid of fleas.

Nexgard is a product that became popular very fast all around the world. I’d like to use this article to let you know that its fame is actually justified. Nexgard results, when it comes to killing the current population and avoiding infestation of ticks and fleas, is just amazing.

Personally, it is my second favorite product measured on how effective it is, right behind of Nexgard Spectra, which is my favorite because it won´t only kill fleas and ticks, but also intestinal parasites like the ones of the genus Ascaris sp. And Ancylostoma sp.

Better known as intestinal worms, now, eliminating current population of any parasite is important to control disease, but the key of Nexgard´s success is its residual effect that will avoid proliferation of new populations and infestation of most parasites, making it an important tool in a vet´s arsenal against parasitic disease, nevertheless please don’t misunderstand me, Nexgard is not a miraculous drug, but it is incredibly effective controlling parasites in adult animals.

When should I use Nexgard?

Nexgard Review

As I have emphasized in every article, your local vet knows better than anyone in the internet including me, if your vet recommends this product I can totally assure you that it is a great option and it should fulfill the objective your vet is trying to achieve, if your vet recommends you a different product, don’t worry, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad product, it might be just as good, or maybe your vet is saving heavy weapons for complicated situations, or maybe this product it´s just not the best for your furry friend.

Something I would like to clarify is that neither Nexgard or Nexgard Spectra are meant for diarrhea treatment, I found some pages on the internet that mentioned such thing, and it is a complete mistake, Nexgard Spectra is only meant to eliminate parasites and prevent infestation with them, diarrhea is one of the clinical signs with a larger list of possible causes, and parasites are only one of the possibilities, that’s why I really mean it when I say that consulting a vet is always important before administrating any drug.

If for some reason you can´t reach your vet, or maybe he has already prescribed you the product before and you want to continue using it, you should just buy the product presentation according to your dog´s weight and administer it in the same way that it was prescribed before and only with the purpose of treating parasitic infections or preventing them.

When do I know I shouldn’t use Nexgard?

Nexgard Review

Since nexgard is a product with a prolonged hepatic metabolism, doggies with compromised livers should not consider it as the main option, for example, puppies younger from 4 months that do not have complete liver function should be dewormed with different products, and toxic products should be considered for fleas and ticks control, in older dogs with liver diseases other products might be used as well, but I´ll leave that recommendation for the treating vet to make.

One important item for not using Nexgard products is: Do not use it if your pet is a Cat, it is not designed for cats and cats aren’t just small dogs, as a cat owner you might be really aware of how different they are, so their physiology is pretty different as well, products designed for cats should be used, and I might write an article on that pretty soon.

Know that here at puppypets we want your pet wellbeing, we win nothing recommending a medical product for you to buy without medical assessment, what we want is to make you feel confident as an owner that if your vet has prescribed you Nexgard, or Nexgard Spectra, you´re acquiring a top quality product with excellent manufacturing standards, we give Nexgard Spectra and Nexgard our Puppy-Pets Gold Product of the week seal.

If you have any questions or would like to add something to the topic, you can leave a comment below this article.

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