Persian cat personality – All you need to know

Persian Cats Personality

Before we begin talking about the Persian cat personality, I would like to share some basic information about this awesome cat. In this case, you will find many aspects that will help you decide if this cat is the perfect fit for you.

That said, let’s talk about this cat. The Persian cat is an elegant and beautiful animal, very popular and one of the most color variety feline breed. We can almost find all of them: from white to black, through gold or grey in a bicolor or tricolor monochrome format. This breed is currently considered that descended from the long-haired cats of the East in the seventeenth century, long-haired cats were first introduced in Europe.

In fact, our Persian and fashionable friend has been around for much longer than 125 years. Long-haired cats, including the ancestors of Persian and Angora breeds, were seen at first in Europe in the late 1500s.

It is believed that the recessive gene of long hair appeared spontaneously via mutation in the cat population in the cold mountains of Persia. They came from then existing Persia, now Iran, and should have been the basis for the breeding of Persian cats. However, this cat, as we know it today, has little in common with its origin, and it is not surprising because according to the latest scientific researches, the ancestor of the Persian cats that we know come from Russia. Genetic analysis of the genome of these felines reflects that this breed descends from Russian domestic cats, with long hair, and that is not related to the Asian line.

The Persian denomination was only established with the foundation of the first association of the breeders in the early twentieth century, just up to that time the term Angora was used mainly for long-haired cats.

The Persian cat is a large cat that may reach 7 kilos in weight and 50 cm long and their life expectancy is about 15 years. Its body is rounded and muscular, is very easy to recognize by its physical characteristics: long hair, extremely soft and leafy, a small and flattened nose, and huge, bright and expressive eyes, in a fairly rounded head. Their ears are small if compared with the rest of the robust body, they usually have a rounded tip and are inclined towards the end. Besides that, their paws are usually short and wide, strong and rounded.

Persians are very devoted animals, sometimes they may be selective to whom they offer that honor. Here is the fancy thing about having a Persian, they will let their feeling be known if they are not getting the minimum amount of attention required, they love to pet and fussed over. However, make sure you don’t harass them for your attention as you must earn their trust and love.

According to the Feline Club of Madrid founded about 30 years ago by cat lovers, Persian cats are the most suitable for the ones who are looking for a docile and quiet animal. Besides, the Persian cat is a breed that easily adapts to the family life as they may need the same care routine as any other cat just keeping an eye on their fur, it needs to be brushed continuously.

On the other hand, the temperament of these cats is quite good, they are very sociable, affectionate, less independent than other breeds, very good with kids, sometimes lazy. Therefore, this is not a very active breed but in general very good-natured cat. So, if you want your cat to be jumping around and going up and down then don’t adopt a Persian. They are the best companion if you like placid, sweet and calm- tempered cat.


Persian Cats Personality

Persian cats do not have a special nutritional necessity; the best thing will be choosing a small bite dry food. Due to their physiognomy, Persians have a difficulty to chew big bites, most of them use their tongue or lips to eat dry food, that is why size needs to be the smallest you can. It is recommended to have small portions of food as it will take longer for them to eat than other cats, so if you want you can leave dry food available all the time to your cat instead of portioned, even better if you combine that with some wet food as well once a day.


Persian Cats Personality

In regard to the hygiene of Persian cats, we are talking about a breed that needs a special care on their fur due to its nature: long and abundant. It is fundamental to brush and comb their hair by 5 to 10 minutes daily to avoid knots and to take all the dead hair off. It stimulates blood circulation in the skin, sebaceous gland secretion increases what ends in a healthier and brighter hair. When cutting your Persians hair, try to do it once or twice a year.

This breed is one of the most exposed to suffer from periodontal diseases due to their face shape, we need to keep an eye on their mouth during their whole life, they may show respiratory difficulties and dermatology issues.

This cat can be affected by problems related to the lack of exercise as overweight and obesity, even more, if you are living at a place with no access to the outdoor. Persian, although like to play with their owners and will play with interactive toys, will follow balls and chase catnip or cat grass mouses, it does not mean that you won’t have to beg them to exercise.

Persian tolerates loneliness worse than other cat breeds: they get affected by periods of isolation. If you plan to leave your cat alone at home during long working hours, I recommend you not to choose this breed then.

· Sunken tears: their eyes need special attention. It is advisable to clean them daily to prevent accumulating sleep and develop eye diseases.

· Fur: having long hair, the Persian cat needs frequent brushing and a diet rich in Omega 3 and 6 to strengthen its hair and skin.


Persian Cats Personality

They react in a very positive way to the water. We may bath them with warm water and cooler in summer. In that case, it is recommended to use a special shampoo for that delicate fur. Then just dry it with a towel to prevent your cat from catching a cold. With a bath, every two weeks will be enough to ensure they are clean. You can get more information on this video.


Persian Cats Personality

This animal will be ideal for people who have never had a cat and do not have much experience with them. They accept to live within a family and even with children.

Keep in mind, they will always have their favorite person in the family to which they will ask for more attention. As with any pet, when it is a puppy, it requires medical attention for its proper development. Having your vaccination plan and deworming up to date is important for a healthy adulthood. During this stage of life, you must accustom your Persian kitten to brushing, show them the place where they are sleeping and making their needs. This breed love pampering, this will help you to strengthen the bond between you and your puppy.


Persian Cats Personality

Building the space for your cat will be special, I recommend that before their arrival you have these elements ready.

Cat litter: remember to find a litter that will not stick, otherwise your Persian won’t feel comfortable due to their long hair.

Cat scratcher: they are furry friends of indoor areas and love to have somewhere to scratch, play and leave their mark.

Water fountain and feeder: please choose the one with the low edge so that it is not difficult to eat and drink.

Bed: it is recommended to buy more than one, there might be a scenario where your cat doesn’t want to sleep just in one of the beds because they love to use all the possible spaces at home. You can place one in the bedroom, another one in the kitchen together with a scratcher and the last one in the living room. Do not forget to cover the coaches or sofas to avoid your pet from scratch.

By last, lots of toys and love.


Persian cats are lovely as other breeds. You will have a big advantage with this cat as it is a calm pet and they will let you know when they need something.

As I mentioned above, this is a perfect breed for people that is new in the pet world, they are easy to handle. However, always pay attention and make sure your cat has everything they need at home, so you will have a healthy and happy pet.

That would be all about this fantastic breed. I hope you found useful information on this article about Persian cats.

If you have any questions or would like to add something on this post, you can leave a comment below so we can discuss the topic.


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