What Are the Benefits of Having a Dog – Is it Necessary?

what are the benefits of having a dog

As a pet owner, I always wonder about the benefits of having my dog healthy and happy. But I have found that it is also important to know what are the benefits of having a dog in my life.

We always take care of our pets. We play with them and we walk them all the time without knowing all the benefits this brings to our life.

Yes, all the things you do with your dog bring benefits to your life. Not only happiness, but also a better lifestyle in which you become a strong person and you create a connection with your dog that will help you to avoid heart issues.

All the benefits will be listed in this article, so you can learn more about why is it important to have a dog.

What are the benefits of having a dog?

what are the benefits of having a dog

Dogs are that pet that fits perfectly in anyone’s life. They can bring a lot of feelings and help when you are in a bad mood. Besides that, dogs can make your heart stronger. There have been studies that show that dogs are liked to better cardiovascular health. In this case, Dogs owners are less likely to suffer a heart attack, but more likely to survive one.

Dogs are also an active pet. This means, that people create a routine to walk them after work or in the morning. This routine is around one hour and a half, which is almost the exercise that people should do to avoid any kind of health issues. So, dogs are that active pet that keeps you strong.

That said, after walking your dog and doing some exercise you are also losing weight. This will help on keeping your body balance and health since in 2010 a study has shown that people lose 14.4 pounds a year by walking their dog.

That would be all the benefits regarding health. However, dogs also make your social life better. If you have noticed, many people make friends by having a dog. It is because people with dogs become more extroverted or outgoing, as most people tend to open up and talk about their companion. Therefore, people create communities to provide tips and share information about their dogs.

Dogs also help you in reducing stress. After a long day of work, once I get home, there is always my dog waiting to pet him. Even if you have a bad day, they make you smile, they help you to lower anxiety and also blood pressure. Keep in mind that people that perform stressful tasks do better when there’s a dog around.

Something important, dogs can be adding meaning and purpose to your life. People that are retired find a purpose to continue doing things if they have a dog. In fact, dogs can help you feel better, you have to feed them and walk them, which will be something to get up and keep working hard.

You will feel like you are not alone, that you have someone to protect you and to take care of you.

If you educate your dog correctly, it can be good for you as they can help you with doing a task at home or helping someone with an illness.

Are there any disadvantages to having a dog?

what are the benefits of having a dog

This will always depend on people and dog breeds. But let’s start saying that bigger dogs are not recommended for older people. They can be too active and can make older people fall down, causing accidents. In this case, the small breed will be a good fit for retired and older people, also for kids.

If you have a dog, keep in mind that you need time to take care of him. Dogs are pets that required time to play and do another activity. A dog can be unhappy if they don’t exercise daily. So, if you are thinking about having a dog, make sure that you have enough time to walk him. However, if you don’t have the time but you live in a big house where your dog can get freedom, it will also good enough for them.

Besides that, if you plan a trip, you can’t leave your dog alone, you should have someone to take care of him while you are traveling. Otherwise, your dog can get sick and depressed.

In addition, you should train your dog since it is a puppy. Dogs are likely a little baby, if you teach your dog what’s wrong and what’s okay, they will understand and won’t do things you don’t like them to do.

Another thing you should take care of is food. This also depends on the breed; some dogs eat more than others. So, before choosing a dog, make sure you can afford all his needs.


what are the benefits of having a dog

As I mentioned above, dogs have many benefits, it is an undeniable fact. Having a furry friend not only helps to have company, it is a greater immunological resistance, tolerance to allergies, also you end up exercising without realizing it. It can help you alleviate depression and other mental illnesses. It will bring better heart health, healthy blood pressure and can help you a lot to release stress, these are just some things that we will deepen below.

One of the most outstanding advantages of having a furry friend is the relief of stress, something that has plagued us since the last decade. It is because having a canine companion helps too much relaxation and lowering stress levels.

The simple fact, if you arrive home from a bad day and you get to meet your dog at the door of your house, you will feel how it just warms your heart and makes you forget the bad day. A dog will make your bad day a great day.

Besides that, dogs are very good physical aid, regardless of whether you are a person who exercises a lot or not, to have a dog forces you to leave home to take a walk or you will have “accidents” on the floor of your house, so you will have to move to walk it, give it food, play with it, etc.

This helps us not to fall into an absolute sedentary life and helps us maintain a healthy heart because it maintains blood pressure levels and heartbeat in an adequate range, since the mere fact of having a dog and enjoying it increases your serotonin and dopamine levels, which makes you feel happy.

In addition to what we discussed before, we can conclude that having a dog represents more advantages than any other disadvantage, makes you happy, helps you exercise and according to the American Heart Association, tend to suffer fewer diseases mental as of the heart.

I hope this post helps you understand how healthy a dog can be for your life.

If you want to add something or have any questions about the topic, you can leave a comment below this post.


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