Why Should I Brush my Dogs Teeth – Is it Important?

Why should I brush my dogs teeth

Dogs are very important for many people nowadays. They are that friend, brother, and pet that cares about you and that’s the main reason you should take care of his teeth’s. We have previously talked about skin and healthy tips, but now, I will be talking about brushing your dog teeth for those may who ask why should I brush my dogs teeth.

By brushing your dog teeth, you will not just avoid the bad breath, but you will also prevent your dog to develop gum disease which can be dangerous and painful for your little friend.

I will also share the pros, you should know how to brush your dog teeth and you should know which are the right tools to do this process correctly.

So, let’s talk about this topic. In the end, your dog will be thankful, happy and healthy.

Why should I brush my dog teeth?

Why should I brush my dogs teeth

Before we begin, it is important to create a routine where you familiarize your dog with teeth bruising. As soon as you start doing this, your dog will get more used to get brushing, it is just a matter of time.

Once your dog gets used to it, you will get a clean and healthy mouth for your dog. This is something that will prevent huge expenses on treatments, in case your dog gets any disease. So, in order to avoid this, just clean your dog teeth once or twice a day.

Keep in mind to visit your local vet for any additional advice if you require any recommendation about your dog breed.

You can also check the more specific information about dog teeth by clicking here.

How should you brush your dog teeth?

Why should I brush my dogs teeth

This may be a tough process for dogs that don’t like to get a brush. As I mentioned above, your dog will get used to it. However, you need to start by kindly rubbing your dog teeth with your finger. This will be a slow process in which you will educate your dog to get a brush.

After this, you can massage your dog gums with your finger. This is something your dog will like as he will feel like you are petting him. One week later, you can start using a soft rubber brush in your finger. This will make your dog get used to dental brush slowly, so you won’t have any problem later on after you use a dental brush instead of your finger.

An extra tip, never use human toothpaste. Keep in mind that human toothpaste comes with different properties that can affect your dog mouth. There is special toothpaste made for dogs. Those kinds of toothpaste come in flavors like meat, beef, chicken and many others.

In addition, you can get some chew toys to improve your dog mouth health. This will be extra help for your dog teeth health and you can also get some mildly abrasive foods. However, be careful with a puppy, make sure you don’t give him natural bones or hard nylon toys as they can fracture teeth.

How often should I wash my dog teeth’s?

Why should I brush my dogs teeth

It won’t be any different than you. Actually, we as humans, brush our teeth’s three times a day. The case will be similar to your dog; you should brush his teeth’s once or twice a day. I recommend brushing his teeth’s at the end of the day if you are a busy person. That’s because you can remove all the bacteria from food and any other things your dog may have tasted along the day.

Quick tip, find a moment when your dog is calm and chill. I often do this before we go to sleep, so it will be easier for you to brush his teeth’s.

Remember, this is something that should be done at least once a day. You will have a happy and healthy pet all the time by doing this.



Many owners are not aware of how necessary it is to brush your dog’s teeth. Dental problems begin to manifest from two or three years of age of your little friend and have no way of telling us that he is suffering from pain in his teeth. So you need to check the oral health of your pet frequently as it can lead to more diseases and discomfort for your hairy.

So, it is better to start by checking your dog teeth and see if you have yellow or brown spots, and may even bleed, to avoid these problems we should not only consider cleaning at home with a brush for them, we need a professional review to do a good cleaning of the teeth of our canine.

The feeding is also very important for them, to have toys to chew since in their instinct is to bite to keep their teeth in good shape and condition, so bring a good meal and good toys to chew, besides that it will be necessary that you buy a special brush for them and a toothpaste also designed for them, this is essential to maintain a good dental and general health.

But it is not enough just to brush your dog’s teeth, this requires a process that our pet needs, and first, it is never too late to brush your pet’s teeth. But it is difficult to get used to it and it will be something that must be done gradually. In this case, you should create a routine, so your dog will get used to getting a brush every day and it won’t be a problem.

Keep in mind, your dog will need a professional review to avoid all types of periodontal diseases twice a year. However, the best way to prevent this type of disease and illness for your pet is by schedule with your dog a daily appointment to brush their teeth which will improve your dog teeth health.

I hope this post helps you understand the importance of brushing your dog teeth’s.

If you have any questions or would like to add something about the topic, you can leave a comment below this post.


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