Winter Clothes for Dogs – Is it Necessary?

winter clothes for dogs

Winter clothes for dogs can be extra protection as most dogs are well-suited with fur. Therefore, fur will prevent your dog from getting cold during winter, even if he is exposed to extreme cold conditions. However, there are some dogs that are not equipped to support those extreme conditions. In this case, we will discuss it, so you can take the best decision whether or not you should buy something for your dog during winter.

Dogs are that awesome friend that we want to take care of all the time. We don’t want our dog to get sick, indeed, we want our dog to be healthy and running all the time around the park or our house. I have previously talked about how to take care of your dog’s skin. But now, I want to share with you the best options to keep your dog safe and prevent any kind of winter disease.

So, without further ado, let me give you some recommendations that can help you to protect your dog during winter seasons.

What would be a good option for my dog?

Winter clothes for dogs

Depending on your dog breed, you can find different options that your dog will tolerate. Keep in mind that dogs can be allergic to some materials. In this case, make sure that your dog feels comfortable with the sweater or jacket you get for him. Most of them will feel good with almost any jacket or sweater, however, if yours goes crazy with the clothes, remove it immediately and consult with your local vet materials that fit your dog.

Now, that I mentioned that, let’s talk more about dogs that really need winter clothes. Actually, there are many factors that will tell you if your dog needs clothes or not. For example, Siberian Huskies, Newfoundlands or Samoyeds are more tolerant to cold temperatures because they were developed in cold climates, which makes their anatomical structure well-equipped for extreme conditions.

However, not all breeds have the same characteristics as the ones mentioned above. In this case, I will give you 4 different scenarios that can help you to decide if you should get winter clothes or no for your dog.

The first one will be the size. Cold can cover a tiny dog surface quicker than a large dog, even if the small dog has enough fur. In that case, small dogs are more liable to get cold and sick than large dogs during winter time. Therefore, a small dog shouldn’t be exposed to temperatures below 32° F as they can develop hypothermia and frostbite. In this scenario, if you have a small dog, I recommend getting a sweater or a jacket to keep your dog warm in winter.

The second will be the weight. Many people think that a fat dog will be well protected in winter, but the truth is NO, being overweight can bring more health risk and it won’t help your dog from getting cold on winter, so don’t fatten up your dog for winter times. Just balance your dog diet and make sure he is in good shape before winter. Now, thinner dogs are also tending to get health problems during winter, then, keep your dog diet balance all the time. Just in case, if you have a fat or thin dog, make sure to get a sweater or jacket as well.

The third scenario will be the condition. When I said the condition, I want to talk about the temperatures you get during the winter season. In this case, none of the dogs should be exposed to temperatures lower than 45° F as they can develop health issues. However, there are dogs that get used to cold temperatures because they live in that condition most of the time. But, on the other hand, we have dogs that are used to live in hot places and, when the winter comes, they tend to hide and find warm places. In this scenario, I recommend getting some clothes to keep your dog protected and comfortable.

The fourth scenario will be age and health. If your dog already has health issues, don’t hesitate on getting some clothes for him. It will be extra protection and will keep your dog warm all the time. Another case is related to puppies and old dogs; they are susceptible to get sick as their body can’t regulate temperatures in comparison with young dogs. In this scenario, it is almost mandatory to protect your dog either with a sweater or jacket.

Just take in consideration those scenarios and you will have a happy pet during winter.

Which temperatures will be risky for my dog?

Winter clothes for dogs

Of course, winter will be the most dangerous one for your dog, however, rain and some other cold temperatures can derive into health issues. In this case, I will share 4 different conditions that can be dangerous for your dog.

Staring with the winter cold breeze. This is the most dangerous condition that your dog can face because it quickly penetrates your dog’s coat, which ends up decreasing its ability to insulate, meaning no protection against cold temperatures.

Now, we have rainy days and fog. Dampness can go through your dog’s fur and quickly chill your dog, which can be a dangerous condition. In this case, don’t let your dog outside on a rainy day for so long, otherwise, he can develop a disease.

On the other site, we have activities. This is not dangerous at all; however, this is a good idea to prevent your dog from getting cold. That means that within cold days, make your dog run around and keep him active as this will generate extra body heat which will help him feel comfortable, even in low temperatures.

Finally, we have cloudy days. This is not as dangerous as the others, however, cloudy days can make your dog feel cold. In this case, just protect them with a sweater or a jacket. The better you protect your dog, the healthier he will be.

Ways to know that my dog is feeling cold.

Winter clothes for dogs

Dogs, the same as us, have many ways to communicate with others. If, your dog needs something he will let you know right away.

However, there are some dogs that are shy and difficult to understand. Therefore, we may be not aware of their cold problems, ending up with health issues.

That is the reason I want to share with you some of the most frequent behaviors when your dog is feeling cold. This will help you identify how your dog is feeling during winter, which will allow you to take action immediately.

One of the most common ones is related to his eyes, so if you see your dog closing just one eye, it will be because he is feeling cold. Besides that, he won’t do any activity when you call him, even if it is to give your dog a snack he likes.

Other ones like a dog acting anxious or searching locations where he can get warm, should be taken into consideration of a dog that is feeling cold. Most of the times your dog will let you know some way or the other that he is feeling cold or uncomfortable, so just keep an eye on him.


Winter clothes for dogs

Extra protection will be something your dog will appreciate forever. Clothes are not only an accessory, but it is also something that will protect your dog skin in cold temperatures, saving him from developing health issues. That said, make sure that the temperature outside or inside is not below 20° F and take in consideration that the recommended temperature for large dogs is not below 32° F and for small dogs 45° F.

Small dogs are more susceptible to get cold during winter. In this case, make sure your small doggy has a jacket or a sweater in the winter season, this will help your dog generating enough body heat during cold scenarios.

My recommendation will be a sweater made of wool as this is one of the best insulating materials for your dog. Keep in mind that the sweater has to be wash regularly, otherwise, it can create itchiness on your dog making him feeling uncomfortable with the sweater or jacket.

Other materials you should take into consideration will be cotton and acrylic as those materials won’t lose their benefit after several washes. In fact, I do not recommend other materials for the winter season as the ones mentioned have worked perfectly for me.

Although, large dogs are well-suited for cold temperatures, take into account that extra protection will be even greater for them. However, it is not as necessary as they have enough insulation to protect them during the winter season.

I hope this resolved more of your concerns regarding if it is necessary or not to get clothes for your dog. Remember, a happy healthy dog is the most fashionable one.

If you have any questions or concerns about winter clothes, feel free to ask in the comment box below this post.


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